We put the FUN in FUNctional


After an event such as a stroke, spinal cord injury, or brain injury, arm and hand function can become impaired. There are many tools available for therapists to use in order to help their clients improve function. One of the tools we use at Aim2Walk is the ArmeoSpring.

The ArmeoSpring is a device with a spring loaded arm that uses the available arm function of the user to improve the neuromuscular control of the affected shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. The exoskeleton arm counterbalances the weight of the user’s arm to enhance function and control. Movement needs to be initiated by the user, which will help improve both physical and cognitive recovery. The user performs task-specific functions through a variety of games on the 3D workspace. Some of the functions the games focus on are shoulder range of motion through reaching and retrieving, flexion and extension of the elbow, pronation…

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