Toddlers and Technology…

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There are times when a mum needs 15 minutes to start on dinner/get dressed/flake out on the sofa (delete as appropriate). When you have a toddler, gone are the days of getting anything done without also having to entertain at all times. Cue my trusted iPad. Or iPad Mini to be precise.

I have read of warnings against letting Little Ones use electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets too much, like this article here in the Huffington Post, but I personally have no problem in letting my girl have a little play every now and then. Especially if it saves my sanity. For example, there’s not much chance of me changing her nappy without whipping out the old iPhone for her to watch videos of herself (such vanity!), or look at photos of our latest trip to the zoo. I hardly think she is going to become obese…

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