The Need To Learn TECHNOLOGY


The opinions expressed by JackNewtown, Jack Gully, and any other affliated groups are for learning purposes only.

Recently Google has come out and admitted the old dirty secret in the tech world, “NOT ENOUGH DIVERSITY”

This is nothing new, but I’m surprised Google was the first to admit it. I have no problem Google choosing people based on merit and relationship function, just like the NBA, NFL, and MLB chooses Negores and Hispanics over Caucasians and Asians. The problem I do have is qualified people of color are being overlooked for opportunities in the tech world. Can you blame them? They (Caucasians) created the tech world, so I guess they make the rules, Right? Technically no. Technology takes on all forms. Those who can obtain it at a faster rate, survives. The problem with Blacks and Hispanics is that we use technology to our disadvantage (,, Facebook, Twitter, Porn…

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