The Age of Computerized Intelligence and The Devolution of the Human Mind

Daves Memoir

The Industrial Revolution, was a critical time in our history and it shows how we as a people with massive amounts of determination and forward thinking how we can bring about real beneficial change. All this physical change, determination and hard work brought on the a newly found Age of Enlightenment.  It is not enough to live in a progressive society but we want it to be progressive easy with little to struggle for but with much at our disposal. We build massive infrastructures with the stroke of keys but we hardly love, express, or talk outside of our entitled gadgets and digital jails.  What seemingly frees us is so suddenly limiting in the regard that we are unwittingly allowing.

Progressive technology has brought us cures for once incurable diseases, a longer life span and seemingly better quality of life; however, the catch with that is that our…

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