So much to do, So little time…

Amanda Around the World

Wow, what a crazy last few weeks!.  Between learning all about EWB, planning my vacation, finishing school, and moving to a new house, it seems like I always have a to-do list a mile long.  However, these are all exciting, fun and new things, and I’m excited to have so much going on!

Defending my Thesis

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At the end of April, I finally finished writing everything for my thesis (entitled “Income-Generating Products for People with Disabilities in the Majority World: Understanding the Complexities of Participatory Design in Rural Uganda”).  The program at Carleton gave me an amazing opportunity to work with two different faculties (Industrial Design and African Studies / International Development), work with local partners (including an Ottawa-based NGO call CanUgan who raises funds for a group of people with disabilities in Kasese, who advocate for people with disabilities) and best of all, to travel to Uganda in February…

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