Samsung Building a Virtual Reality Headset


Samsung, a huge manufacturer of android phones in the world that is rivalling Apple with its Samsung Galaxy series is now set on building a virtual reality headset. One of the cheapest ways to make a virtual reality headset would be to use a screen that nearly everyone owns nowadays : A phone.

Oculus Rift

Samsung is reportedly building a virtual reality headset that would allow the user to slip their phone screen in and use that as a headset and its relying on help from the famed reality firm Oculus for help. Samsung will give Oculus first access to its next generation of OLED screens. Oculus plans to use them to put out a final product that has higher definition than the Rift’s current 1080p.
There are a ton of mobile phone-based virtual reality headsets popping up this year. With devices such as the 360cam are now able to allow anyone…

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