Remembering my Amstrad PCW

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amstradpcw Amstrad PCW 8512: a complete computer system

My love affair with computing properly began when I was in the sixth form in the late 80s and took up word processing as one of my subjects. I fell in love with both the machine and the program called WordStar which allowed me to create, edit and print documents as though by magic. Before that, I had only used a humble typewriter.

It was no surprise that as soon as I had a job and could afford it, I bought my own word processor. It was an Amstrad PCW 8512 and to me it was the most marvellous piece of kit ever. The Amstrad PCW series was a range of personal computers produced by Amstrad. When first launched, the cost of a PCW system was under 25 per cent of the cost of almost all IBM-compatible PC systems in the UK. Because…

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