Number 8… For skate, because when it comes to Apple we are the beat


Apple’s 25th annual developers conference kicks off next week, and as usual, the company’s spent the past week putting up large, colorful banners all over the Moscone West building in San Francisco. That includes large Apple logos to the two sides of the three story building, as well as product banners on the inside of the building. One of those is a banner with a large 8 on it, the first indication of iOS 8,

The conference opens to developers and members of the press for Apple’s keynote Monday morning. Until then, here’s what it looks like from the outside.


The many individual pieces that make up the enormous Apple logo on the sides of Moscone West are hauled up in trash cans.

The Moscone West building in downtown San Francisco begins its transformation into ground zero for Apple’s annual developer conference. Here workers near completion on two giant Apple…

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