Lost Leaders of Mobile World


We have all witnessed the dawn and dusk of NOKIA mobiles. Once the leader, they overlooked and ignored the switching market trend of mobile phone power users. With the introduction of iPhone and dominating Android devices,Nokia was stubborn and denied to switch to Android. They continued with their proprietary SYMBIAN OS and despite their leading market position and high quality build devices, people moved over to other manufacturers making devices with Android OS and Apple iOS. This post basically focuses on the Android OS because iOS is running only on Apple devices.

Nokia-E6-vs-Blackberry-BOLD-9780The leaders at Nokia were really afraid of switch to Android and they thought that their built quality will be enough to keep their leading position and then gradually they lost their dominating business and eventually not only lost their position but also it was on the verge of extinction , despite this worst stats they made another…

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By emoztar

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