Lego detection using OpenCV (Mark II)

Electric Soup

Arkwood was concerned that Lego policemen were watching him smoke marijuana. To ease his paranoia, I created an OpenCV haar cascade classifier for detecting Lego policemen. I attached a webcam to my Raspberry Pi computer to take photos of the plants on Arkwood’s windowsill, where he was convinced the cops were patrolling. Python code ran on the Raspberry Pi, using the classifier to detect police officers in each of the webcam snaps. My initial post somewhat relaxed his addled brain.

‘But what if the policemen are only on their lunch break!’ he sobbed, ‘I have to stub out my reefer unnecessarily.’ No matter how hard I tried, I could not placate his crazy notions. ‘Okay,’ I said, ‘I will create an additional classifier, that will detect the police motorbike. That way, you will only be alerted if the fuzz are on duty.’

In order to create a classifier for detecting…

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