J.v.G Thoma, Germany, provides solar energy for Estonia


The company J.v.G. Thoma from the city Freystadt in Germany (Bavaria, Oberpfalz) has received another contract. The company that offers complete solutions for the production of solar systems is required  this time  in Estonia with its know -how.

There a plant with 15 MW should emerge and supply mainly the Baltic States and Russia with modules. “First promising talks with the so-called EPC companies which build ‘Power Plants’, are already being done. The production of solar modules is also important for Estonia itself, because the country wants to become independent from the power supplies from Russia”, the company said in a press release.

Just recently J.v.G. Thoma GmbH and the Tunisian Green Tech Panel started a joint venture. The solar production will begin shortly, the company in Freistadt promised. In Tunis, the so-called Desert modules are to be provided by the Oberpfalz company. These are extremely heat resistant and have…

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