Internship P1. – Practice intentional inquiry and planning for instruction

Jake Fullington

P1. – Practice intentional inquiry and planning for instruction. To me, this program standard means that teachers intentionally plan or adapt curriculum that gives students opportunity for inquiry in their investigation of science concepts [1]. Figure 1Figure 1 shows an interactive notes template entitled Gravity Force Lab (Snook, 2014) that I adapted as an inquiry activity for my students to investigate the gravitational force between two objects using an online simulation. In this simulation, students manipulate certain variables (mass and distance) and record data to determine proportionality of those variables with gravitational force [2]. This evidence demonstrates my emerging competence on the program standard P1 by showing that I practice intentional planning to give students opportunity for scientific inquiry. The evidence presented in Figure 1 is an example of indirect instruction, in which the use of questions or prompts is to guide students in the discovery of new concepts…

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