Internet Security (Boring, I know. Please read it anyway.)

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This is going to be a pretty dry topic, but do yourself a favor and read the whole thing.

With so many security breaches in the news, we all feel vulnerable. And I hate to say this, but we may be partly to blame. We like to be helpful, so when we get an email from someone requesting information, we send it. We also use the same few, easy-to-guess passwords all over the web, maybe with variations thrown in to make them more complex and safer.

We use certain patterns when creating passwords, and guess what: the bad guys know every single one of them. Even the common variations we come up with don’t make our passwords much more secure. It’s not that hard for a computer program to add a number onto the end of a basic password or substitute numbers for letters.

We want to protect ourselves online, but it seems too hard, what with…

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