How to Type in Chinese Characters (Mac)

Master Mandarin

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Ever wonder how to input Chinese characters into your computer? There are actually several methods for Chinese input, but I want to focus on what I personally find to be the fastest and most widely-used method: Pinyin.

Don’t know pinyin? Learn pinyin on your iPhone

Adding Chinese Pinyin Input Methods

First, open your System Preferences from the Apple menu.

Select System Preferences


Then, Select Language & Text


Select Language & Text

Make sure the Input Sources tab is selected, then scroll down to until you find “Chinese – Simplified” and “Chinese – Traditional”. Check the one you prefer to use. I personally use both and then use keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between them as needed. Deselect all sub-options except for “Pinyin – Simplified” and/or “Pinyin -Traditional”.

Make sure “Show Input menu in menu bar” is checked (near the bottom of the window) so you can see which…

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