How to Remove Old Updates From Windows using the Disk Cleanup Tool


Every windows users wants his/her computer to be updated with the latest updatesreleased by Microsoft. Most of these updates are released for patching critical vulnerabilities and loopholes in windows and also at the same time some updates even meant for adding new features and functions.

Generally, once the updates are downloaded and installed, we simply forget about them and carry on with our work. While most of us take it as granted that windows will automatically delete the residual files left behind by these updates, but actually this doesn’t happen. Contrary to the popular belief, Windows does not delete the junk files that are left behind after it installs the updates.

Every year, Microsoft releases several minor and major updates for all windows operating systems and if you accumulate these updates, they can occupy around 10 to 20 GB of your computer’s storage space.

So without your knowledge windows is actually wasting around 10 to 20 GB of your computer’s storage…

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