Google Glass Mobile Sourcing of Diamonds Unveiled at JCK Vegas


Google GlassDiamond Concierge Service unveiled a Google Glass mobile-to-mobile live video stream of diamond views at the JCK Las Vegas show on Friday. Company founder Ron Khordi said that when a customer’s ideal diamond is located at the show, he will wear his Google Glass inside the vendor’s booth and broadcast live video to the customer’s mobile device using Livestream’s Glassware application.

Khordi says the new system will “fill the opening” left by the fact that most online diamond sales portals don’t actual hold inventory but merely display what is being held by manufacturers and wholesalers, consigning selected diamonds during the sales process.

“The retail diamond industry evolved quickly in the internet age. The jewellery store was a meeting point between a customer, company, and product. The desktop computer allowed the customer to remain at home, while connecting to a company and product. The mobile device allowed the customer to connect…

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