Google Glass Isn’t the Future – But It Paves an Interesting Path

Ricky Hopper

When information first started leaking about Google’s augmented reality headset, Google Glass, the tech industry instantly clamored over the profound effect it would have on the entire technology industry. Google took the challenge of introducing a novel product category that people had never seen outside of science fiction, and reactions ranged from erratic excitement to critical caution. It was a risky move, but Google had a plan to make sure the technology lived up to the many promises it had made.

As it turns out, Glass didn’t quite live up to all of these promises, but Google still released an impressive prototype that suggests great things to follow.

I’ve been working on a research project involving Glass for the past 4 months or so, and have gotten a chance to develop for, tinker with, and evaluate many aspects of the hardware. I also had the opportunity to experiment with smaller…

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