Goodbye, dumb phone!

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samsung galaxy s5

Say hello to my little friend! 🙂

She is my Samsung Galaxy S5 and her name is Sonya. The ‘o’ is long. like in ‘open’ or ‘bone’.


And this is her case. 🙂

Yes, I’m weird. I name my objects. My car’s name is Granny Josephine, my orthostatic blood pressure monitor’s name is Owen, and the blind-weight special scale they use for me at the University Health Centre’s name is Stanley. I’m strange. I already know this, and apparently, admitting it is the first step to getting help. 😉

I’ve never had a smartphone before. This one intimidates me a little. It’s massive! It does everything! I may as well not even own a laptop. But I am super thankful that it allows me the ability to check my emails on-the-go. Much nicer  than having to be at a computer 24/7 when e-mail is a part of your job.


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