Cross-school collaboration through the Greenhouse: Arduino workshop NYU Medical School / NYU Engineering School

Greenhouse Stories


Last week, Medical School students run an Arduino workshop in collaboration with a Polytechnic Student. This collaboration emerged through the Greenhouse and we are excited to have played this connector role (Please don’t hesitate to contact us as this is one of our missions!)

The objectives of the workshop: Give med students preliminary exposure to electrical engineering and introduce the applications of this technology in medicine.


Earl Co, a Polytechnic undergrad student and the president of the Patent Lab club, has run many arduino workshops at the Greenhouse (including during the Prototyping month in the spring) went to the Medical School to help run the workshop.


16 medical students ranging from 1st years to 4th years attended this event. Overall the event went very well and was received very enthusiastically by the students.

Thanks to everyone for this wonderful event, it was a total success and we really look forward to working…

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