Connected But Stripped

Everything is so connected these days the things you browse on the Internet will turn into an ad in a matter of seconds.

I noticed this a while back when I had a problem with my kitchen faucet, and I had to browse the Internet to check current prices and trends. Next thing I know, all the ads on my smartphone’s music-streaming app were about faucets & kitchen accessories.

Or here’s another one: I got my knee injured while jogging one morning, to which I quickly started looking up on the Internet for ways I can be able to home-treat it. For the next couple of days, my TV was bombarded with ads of painkillers–not just any type of painkillers–but those specifically made for knee & other leg injuries.

Yes, my apps know what I browse; cable providers track my taste; the big stores know what & on which brands…

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By emoztar

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