Climate proof the churches

Perspectives in Development and Evaluation

Sunday so I went to church which was a ten minute walk from the hotel.  It was early morning and except for the sound of a few vehicles the street was quiet, I was the only soul walking that stretch.  I saw a woman further up coming toward me and thought I could ask her if I was any closer to the Sto. Nino church ( I was still disoriented with the City’s layout post-Haiyan) but approaching her I saw that she look crazed.  She was unkempt and so was the young child with her.  I debated whether or not to speak to her.  She continued to stare at me but I avoided her eyes and smiled at her child instead.  When she didn’t move (and I felt rather than saw that she was still staring) I carefully walked past them.  My mind was, is she one of the victims? …

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By emoztar

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