Austin Kinda Sorta Defeats The Machines (With Customer Service Help)

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

EvilI’m pretty sure we are in the thick of The Robot Apocalypse, Modern Philosophers!

Today was day two of my battle against The Machines, and I think I’ve emerged victorious.  However, I am licking my wounds out on the porch, because I don’t want to go anywhere near the battlefield (aka the living room) for a long time.

If you read last night’s post, you’ll know that I went to war with The Machines and only survived because the cavalry (aka Time Warner Cable Customer Service) arrived just as I was about to lose all hope and surrender.

Today, I went on the offensive as my colleague at Technical Support strongly suggested.  This involved returning my ancient cable/DVR box to the Time Warner office to exchange it for a brand spanking new one.

TWCI know what you’re thinking, Modern Philosophers.  What a brave man I am for going right into…

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