Are we speaking in image?



That sounds a tad funny, but is it true?

When was the last time you read something?

Will Facebook will soon be the new (not going to say ….ahhh….Myspace…I’m in my twenties I swear).

Are words no longer capable of creating imagery?

Screw that! I don’t believe images will become our new language.

Gosh, that would make college wayyy more simpler and interesting. Yeah right, have you heard all those student complain about their art history class. “How am I suppose to remember who took that picture.” Like kido that’s a painting.

Let’s bring back the love for writing like trendy clothing stores always try to bring back neon colors back to style. (Like can you stop? I’m an introvert, no attention needed!)

Bring out the dancing lobsters! Enjoy your day.

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By emoztar

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